Product Designer



babelforce GmbH is a Berlin-based company which provides a cloud call center platform for large businesses. 

This is a work in progress.. more description comming soon...


The company needed a UI/UX redesign of one of their products - BabelConnect app.

BabelConnect is a small real-time phone application that allows call center agents to directly call and message the customers, as well as store and manage the communications history and call recordings. BabelConnect is integrated with platforms like Desk, Zendesk (see example), Salesforce, Zoho, etc.


My role was to give the application a modern and simple visual design and improve the UX.

I improved the user experience by:

  • simplifying the visual design and using company’s brand identity
  • using clear indications of what is happening by adding animations, instant feedback, clear indications when the call is and when is not recorded
  • using easy to understand icons
  • organizing the content and create visual distinction between elements
  • giving users more flexibility to browse the application while having a call

Above: Some of the old designs of BabelConnect app.

Below: Some of the wireframes provided by the company. They have served as an explaination of the specific features as well as future plans for the app.

See the Invision prototype for exemplary interactions.

Below: Some of the screens with a new design.

Ringing animation:


In-call screens.


Messages screen.


This is an example of a third-party BC integration.