Product Designer



Blastpay represents modern and simple banking solution. It was necessary to reflect it in the simple form of the logo and minimalistic approach in the web design. Along with OneCard, it was presented in FinovateSpring 2015 Conference, one of the biggest banking and technology events in the United States.

My role

IThe initial task was to design Blastpay identity and create a simple website respresenting its offer. However long-term relationship resulted in creation of flyers, banners, web design, UI/UX design, card visuals and other work products necessary for Blastpay to come into life.


The Blastpay logo was intended to be blue without a second thought. Blue is one of the most favourite color for people, and

 is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven /source/.

I think it is one of the best color choices for fintech company.

Other variations of the logo..

Other variations of the logo..

Web Design

The following screens present the redesign of a former Blastpay website. The idea was to simplify the website as much as possible, lay out the content without use of huge images and unnecessary elements. The illustration in the home page shows how Blastpay can allow the user to send mass payments through different channels at one time - with a simple click


Main page


Blastpay features


Contact page

UI/UX Design


Users receive verification email after they create the Blastpay account. First screen below shows an initial email that was sent to the users. It includes a verification link and important information about the first steps of using Blastpay account, along with two attached documents.


This is how the veryfication/welcome e-mail looked like..


the problem

  • After the users notice and open the verification link, there is a high possibility that they will skip the rest of the email with crucial information. 
  • There is too much instructions in one email.


  • I shared one e-mail for two: first with warm greetings and the request for a verification. Second, with an onboarding - necessary first steps and files to download.

MONEY-recipient SCREEN

The screen below notifies the users that they received money on their Blastpay account. To receive money, the user must fill in their personal information and submit the request. My task here was to create visually attractive UI and improve UX.

Previous screen design..



  • The screen design is not consistent with brand identity guidelines 
  • There is too much plain text in the beginning of the screen, which makes the information hard to scan


  • I created a visually consistent interface 
  • The following information are presented clearly and are highlighted: why the user is seeing this screen / how much money he received and who send it / what to do next
  • Show the feedback of what is happening after entering your data

Feedback from the client

"Karolina was instrumental in helping us design a few award winning fintech applications. As a result of her deep understanding of our products and design, our products have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, American Banker and Forbes. Karolina has moved on to do great things and we hope to have her back on our team in the very near future."

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