Product Designer



Randy San Nicolas - Yantra Financial Technologies

"Karolina was instrumental in helping us design a few award winning fintech applications. As a result of her deep understanding of our products and design, our products have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, American Banker and Forbes. Karolina has moved on to do great things and we hope to have her back on our team in the very near future."

Catherine Palmieri 

"This was the second time I used Karolina, and once again, the quality of her output was impeccable. I used her designs to pitch a project to investors. The investor not only loved the screens and the proposal, but committed to several other investor and high-ranking government introductions as a result. It was a complete success, and much was due to the quality of Karolina's designs."

Alban Grossenbacher - goTom

"Karo did an amazing job! She got really fast into our project. The Goal was to bring in a better UI/UX to our Software and we definitely reached! It was quite specific and complex, but Karo has a great understanding, which was definitely the best to get the maximum out of it. Her Inputs were great. We love her simple and clean style and our developers also liked the way she documented everything. We will definitely continue working with Karo!"

Recommendation Letter - txtr

"Her high level of engagement and her strong creative design skills havebeen an extremely valuable asset in her day-to-day work and throughout the course of her employment at txtr. As Design Intern, Mrs Dziorek handled responsibility well and communicated her ideas clearly to developers, visual designers and UX designers. She worked always in accordance with the guiding principles of our company and echibited a very safe and cooperative style of communication. Mrs Dziorek was highly valued by her colleagues for her solution-oriented approac to problems."